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All of us at Airway Queen have come together for a common goal, to be education advocates.  We aspire to increase the confidence and skills of prehospital providers, including ourselves, through education, practice and partnership.   It is our desire to build on current knowledge, share experience and encourage lifelong learning.   While patient care is no laughing matter, learning to improve our skills can be fun.

Roni Patterson - President of Airway Queen and Lead Trainer

I believe there are no accidents and that sharing knowledge and learning with others is something I was meant to do.  So many events led me to this place.  I got my BS in nursing from Chico State in 1986 and joined the Navy, serving in San Diego for three years at Balboa Naval Hospital.  From there I went to Houston, Texas and after spending a few months on a hospital ship in the first Gulf War and a few years in a Shock/Trauma unit, I attended anesthesia school.  I graduated in 1994 and worked in and around Houston for the next eight years.  Although I enjoyed what I did, I began to think about other things  I could contribute.  I moved back to California in 2003 and, after a few years as a school nurse, I was lucky enough to become a Flight Nurse for CALSTAR (California Shock Trauma Air Rescue).  It was a job  I became passionate about, so much to learn and so many people to learn from.  It was a chance to use my skills and experience as a nurse anesthetist and learn how to incorporate them into the prehospital field where there was an entirely new and different set of skills. In 2006, I went back to anesthesia.  Eventually, I had to leave the prehospital field and devote my time to working and learning in the hospital arena.  I knew I wanted to continue to learn and share my knowledge.  I am grateful for every experience I have had and am continually seeking learning opportunities to share through my lectures and classes.

I grew up in Modesto, California and spent 13 years in Houston, Texas.  Now I enjoy the weather and natural beauty along the Central Coast.  I have 3 children, who are growing up too fast, and a job I absolutely love.

Airway Queen Faculty 

Lola Whalen – Received her BS in 1979 and went on to achieve her nursing degree in 1985.  Since then, she has worked in a variety of environments: a Level I Trauma Center, resuscitation and ICU care for adult and pediatric trauma patients, Flight Nurse for an international fixed wing program, pediatric ICU at a children’s hospital, and now she is doing helicopter transports with a high volume of trauma/scene calls.  A Trauma Nurse Specialist, she loves to challenge herself and learn from others.  Her hobbies include biking, flying (she has her commercial pilots license) and hiking.

Shara Griffis – Got her ADN 2000 in and went on to get her BSN in  2004.  She has spent 8 years in the medical/surgical/open heart ICU at a teaching facility and has kept herself busy taking (and teaching) classes.  She started as a Flight Nurse in 2006 and continues to challenge herself  and others through practice, reading and continuing education.  She enjoys making connections through education and loves running, yoga and spending time with friends.



Roni really wants people to understand and be able to apply what is being taught. L, flight nurse
"When courses are taught by advanced level practitioners that have been where we are, we all benefit."   Tim Farnan, EMT-P, Founder, Responders Without Borders

Words to Ponder

In a crisis, we do not rise to the occasion; we sink to the level of our training.

Author unknown
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